Shoulder the Sky

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Shoulder the Sky

Shoulder the SkyBy Lesley Choyce

-Improves focus on reading your novel. -Helps you find background information for your novel (Setting, time, culture, etc)-Allows you to understand the book better.

Resarcher(Learning Strategy #1)

Made by:Peter Di Palma

-Allows you to find aspects and parts of your novel that are funny, interesting, or suprising.- Can help you find good quotes that can support your essay when giving evidence.-

Literary Luminary(Learning Strategy #2)

Meet Martin, a highschool student thats not like any other: he's too normal. Having no emotion to his mothers death, Martin tells his story of what happened, what he thinks, and what he does. Shoulder the Sky provides many "juicy" quotes that are perfect for a Essay, as well as give infromation that can keep you thinking.

"Things appear to you in me, because we are mortal, less than perfect. But that's only because our minds are limited in scope." (Choyce 75)

"Courage imperils life, fear protects it" (Choyce, 165)

"'I want to be able to move you away from something that is disguised nonsense to something that is obvious nonsense.' Better to know something is false (even if you continue to live by it) than to believe something is true when it is acutally untrue. (Choyce, 191)


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