Should Young People Read The News

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Should Young People Read The News

ARTICLE: "Boko Harum Kidnaps 40 Young Men and Boys and takes them Hostage from Northeastern Nigeria"MOVIE: Captain Phillips- One similarity that this movie has with this article is the part about the pirates showing up uninvited and taking someone hostage because of the refusal to cooperate with their undutiful acts just like Boko Harum and the 40 boys he took. One difference is that in the movie, it was only one person that they took. Now I'm sure that the whole crew could have ended up being kidnapped if it weren't for the size of their little boat that could only hold the pirates and one hostage. In this movie, the captain of a commercial cargo ship is put in danger along with the rest of their crew when they discover that they are at risk of being the target of some armed pirates. Some crew members worry when they are instructed to work double their shifts in regards to getting away from the pirates, and some argue that it's not what they signed up for. The Captain is their go-to guy and instructs them that they need to cooperate so that they can end the little war between each other. Instead, the pirates end up boarding the ship illegally intruding into the control room where Muse (the head of the Somalian pirates) asks for money. The ship crew doesn't comply and ends in Phillips going hostage in the little boats of the pirates. The movie can relate to my life in the way that I always feel the need to obey or else there will be consequences. Although it's not really the same because in the movie, the captain is put under serious pressure where if he did obey, he would get in lots of trouble. I think a lesson to take here is to listen to the appropriate authoritative figure as well as to never give up. Captain Philips survived the kidnapping, but only because he continued to have a strong faith that together they can get out of this mess. In some ways, the movie Captain Philips can relate to the world as a whole considering all the obstacles that the crew went through: from fear to lack of faith. As well as physical obstacles such as the pirates and the fact that they were in the ocean. The world holds so many obstacles anthat are worth getting through in the end.

Letter to the EditorArticle: "Role Reversal" Oct. 27, 2014

Dear Norimitsu Onishi, Sarah Lyell and Alan Cowell of the New York Times, In your article "Role Reversal," you indirectly explained the title of your article by saying how it was remarkable that Judge Masipa, a 67 year old black female judge prosecuted a 27 year old white male for being guilty of "culpable homicide" Those words make it sound like it is not typical for a black lady to have authority over a white male, almost as if it shouldn't possibly be true. Although it sounds racially offensive, it unfortunately tends to be true. The fact that this judge in particular can't do her job without getting on the headlines of a newspaper should say it all. The issue of ethnicity-based topics is that someone is always being offended, and so the issue of how black people are viewed next to white people might be too explicit in this particular article. In this case, Masipa is being compared to Oscar Pistorious, famous disables athlete. This topic is indeed significant due to the discussion of conflict among races. The fact that the discussion between black people and white people is a sensitive topic causes even more controversy. I believe that the only way to fix it is to stop the racist remarks that people may assume of one another. That is the importance behind this article's topic: the reversal of roles between 67 year old Judge Masipa and Oscar Pistorious is historically significant due to the abnormality of positions amongst these people.

Letter to the EditorArticle: "Role Reversal" Oct. 27, 2014

MovieCaptain Phillips comparison with Boko Harum Abduction

It has officially marked the 10th year of my dad being in prison for someone else's crime. As his daughter, I like to believe that I would defend him no matter what, especially in the position I was in where my words determined my dad's future, and yet I couldn't do enough. When those detectives called me in to answer some questions about my dad being a suspect to a robbery, I told them the truth, and I wanted them to believe it so bad! Yet they needed someone to go to jail, and so they put the blame on my dad. Last week, I burst into tears over some sign that a guy was holding on the streets. Along the sidewalk was a table with a list of signatures attached to a clipboard, and next to the table stood a man holding a sign that read Abolish the Death Penalty! Curiosity struck me as I walked over to him. He saw the oppurtunity to enlighten me on what they really do to captives inside the prison, and I couldn't imagine that my dad could lose his life over something he didn't even do. That moment, I felt determined that thiswould be my last year without a dad.

Dear Diary... "To Kill or Not to Kill" by Patricia Smith

Should Young People Read the News?By Alyssa MoraEnglish IIHP, Period 7

After my research on the past articles we have studied, analyzed, and read over the past semester, I realize that current news is very important in the way it affects our lives. Take the "Abduction of 40 Young Men" incident for example, this article explains to us the travesties that happen all around the world while we remain priveleged to still be with our families. It reminds us of the precautions we must take before doing anything uncalled for, not knowing when that moment will be your last. Another example, is the "Death Penalty" article because it dicusses the issue of knowing your values and in this case, being aware of how important it is to be honest and have your mindset in the right direction or else you can either ruin someone else's life, or you yourself can end up in jail for someone's wrong doings. These are only a few lessons that I have learned while working on these assignments. Newsarticles hold a strong sense of value behind them, which gives us a reason to actually pay attention to the news.


SONG: Waves- Mr. Probz I chose this song to compare with the article on Obama upgrading police equipment because the song involves discussion between someone who is sufering internally and facing problems. Considering that Obama was thinking about that idea when the Ferguson protests were getting out of hand, the song could be fit for smeone who was part of those protests, because instead of receiving hope from the president, he considers an upgrade for local officers so that they can defend themselves from the violent protests. Although the riots got out of hand, I believe it was because of the way they were treated and lack of support from outsiders. That brings me back to the song which, in one section, states 'But I still reach to find a way I'm stuck here in between I'm looking for the right words to say, slowly drifting.' After analyzing these lyrics, I discovered that this can be a person who is part of these protests in saying how they feel wrong causing mayhem, yet feel like they need to take a stand for what they believe is wrong.

Overall, I have seen a similarity among the articles I have chosen this past semester in noticing how they all relate to the breaking bond among society. In reference to all of the ones listed, they all tend to include conflict between to groups. For example, in the Role Reversal article, it's white against blacks; that in itself is controversial and it shouldn't be.

SongObama on Upgrading Police Equipment


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    Jun Pak - I love how you included a lot of videos to facilitate the viewing experience. I like that your glog is easily organized and easy to see. Great Job!

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    Jun Pak - by the way, how did you find all of these great visuals? I tried looking all over for them on the glogster portal, but there wasn't any!

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    Lalyn Inguito- I think your diary entry was interesting because I like to see that more people are against the death penalty than they are for it. It was also sad how the dad was punished for supposedly committing a crime he did not commit.
    You stated what the characters perspective was on death penalty, but are your views on it any different?