Should We Have Single-Sex Schools?

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Should We Have Single-Sex Schools?

Should We Have Single-Sex Schools?By: Hailey Schipper

Single-sex schools aren't helping the students because there is no proof that they actually help, gender specific things gets pushed onto that gender, stereotypes gets pushed onto students, and in some schools the main focus isn’t on academics. Despite what some people say about how well girls or boys do at single-sex schools, there has been no accurate study to prove it. In single-sex schools they might not have certain classes for certain genders so gender specific things might be pushed on that gender. In all-male schools, they might not have poetry or sewing classes and in all-female schools they might not have football. The same goes for stereotypes, at all-female schools, the walls are generally painted pink ( In some all-female schools, the attention is more on cleanliness and neatness than academics.

Did you know that single-sex schools can be illegal?Single-sex schools are not the way to go for public schools. Single-sex schools aren’t helping students, can do more harm than good, and can be illegal.


Single-sex schools can do more harm than good because of sexism, stereotypes, the lack in competitiveness, and in the cost. Stereotypes and sexism is generally a very big problem in single-sex schools. If a student doesn’t fit into their gender’s stereotype, like girls being quiet and noncompetitive and boys being competitive and liking football, then bullying can happen. Sexism comes in a different way than we might be used to seeing. In some all-female schools, the students are discouraged to compete academically with males. Single-sex schools can cost more than coed schools because for one, good single-sex school for a gender, means that you have to have another, equally good single-sex school for the other gender.

The American Civil Liberties Union claimed that single-sex schools are illegal in May, 2008. They say that single-sex schools are illegal if there isn’t an equal, or better, school for the other gender. An example of this is in New York where there is an all-female school but no all-male school. Some people look at single-sex schools like colored segregation, excluding people because, not color, of their gender. Single-sex schools can, and have, be sued if there isn’t an equal school for the other gender.

My opposing side might say that single-sex schools help boost self-esteem and I would say that there has been no study to prove it and the level of self-esteem a person has depends on the person. Many people have tried to find out if single-sex schools help students, academically and mentally and so far, the results have been all over the place. M. Elizabeth Tidball did a study over single-sex schools to see if they helped and her research proved positive. Others that do studies and single-sex schools can get entirely different results. It all depends on the school and on the student.

Opposing Side

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