Should the U.S Have Entered the Vietnam War?

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by ValHausler
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Should the U.S Have Entered the Vietnam War?

The interference in another nation’s sovereign affairs was a violation of international law – so it's hard to call Vietnam a "war". It is only okay to attack another nation if they attack you, or if you genuinely think they are about to: nobody thought that the North Vietnamese would attack. Once involved, the USA bombed Cambodia and Laos, too (breaking more laws). The USA killed thousands of civilians and bombed Cambodia as well. Also, history shows the domino theory to have been wrong, since the only nation Vietnam threatened after its unification was Cambodia – which was already Communist. This was a civil war, one that would have been over far more quickly and with much less deaths if the USA not interfered. (There isn’t a single example where it’s been a good idea to get involved in someone else’s civil war.)

Eisenhower did not want to see communism taking control. That forced us into the Vietnam War. Why get involved?

Should the U.S Have Entered the Vietnam War?

Some say that when running a country in a tyrannical fashion it will eventually destroy them. Is that enough to bet on?


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