Should College Sports be Paid?

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Should College Sports be Paid?

“Many of whom practice upwards of 60 hours a week and often accumulate debt even with their scholarships, deserve a share of the profits. It’s their talent, after all, that brings in the billions”. Kids that played college sports have a high chance of getting hurt which can put them in a lot of trouble not only with their life but the cost of everything. Their scholarships might be gone if they get hurt and they will have to pay the full price. Another example is the hospital bills, they cost a lot and they won't have the money to pay for it. They will end up getting a loan or borrowing money from a friend or family member. Which they have to work for and pay off in the long run.

Many of these players blamed poor investments, trusting unethical financial advisors and lavish spending habits as the reason for their money troubles. If schools were to begin paying players, they could also help these students build a foundation of financial literacy. College sports bring in over a billion dollars and the least they could do is share it with the people that make the money come in. The players can spend the money the way they want and they can learn how and what the right thing is to do with money. If the N.C.A.A would pay them.

College Athletes are the ones how make the money!

College Athletes should be paid because they are the ones who make the money for the schools, they can get injured and they won't make any money to pay for the bills after college, and students don't have time for jobs because of the 60 hours they spend practicing a week.

The Cost!


The average debt is $32,528. That is an enormous burden for kids who may, or may not have a job awaiting them upon graduation. According to Institute For College Access & Success, in the state of Pennsylvania 71 percent of students leave a public four-year institution or private nonprofit four-year institution in debt. People get caught up that all this money is being made and the college athletes are completely getting exploited. An example of that is that the NCAA’s revenue in fiscal 2014 was $989 million. Making people greedy and the players left with nothing.

Poor Kids!

Should College Athletes be Paid?

Athletes are already getting advantages with scholarships and other ways of other people paying for them. Another reason why they shouldn't get paid is because they sign contracts that say things about how they aren't allowed to get. money for playing so if they sign things and sell them they are breaking the rules. Another reason why they shouldn't get paid is because they get money for everything such as food living and other things on campus.

Don't they already have enough?

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Some one might say that kids already have enough benefits with the scholarships they get. They can also say that people might pay them money to do things with them. But did you know that more than 420,000 student athletes play in the NCAA and not a single one get paid. Don't you think that the college should pay them? Especially since they are the ones making the school the money? I would definitely be speechless. I would say yeah well they do it for fun so they shouldn't need to get paid. Well they do do it for fun, but they need money to live and they won't have and money once they get out of the sport.

Counter Argument .

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