Should College Athletes get Paid?

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Should College Athletes get Paid?

Most athletes get scholarships anyway. If they pay the athletes who get scholarships then they get free money. Athletes may spend the money on useless things. Athletes will just go out for sports to get money. Athletes will not try in the sport making it not fun for others. Students that get scholarships pays for a lot for the athlete that doesn't have to pay a ton of money to go to college. Some schools only give out academic scholarships to students who do good with their grades.

Recruiting won't exist if we pay the college athletes. If we payed college athletes te schools would run out of money and wouldn't be able to get new players for their school. Unless all of the athletes are okay with not getting scholarships. The smaller schools can't compete with the bigger schools because they have less money and that means that they can't give players scholarships. The recruiting buisness would stop if we payed the athletes.

Should College Athletes get Paid?




Schools money will be wasted if NCAA starts paying college students. With the scholarships they waste the money by paying athletes that go to school for free. Some athletes just stand on the sidelines for games and get paid for standing. Athletes get hurt and that means money is going to waste on a player that is hurt. People say the students could pay for textbooks, then what about the schools things they need like all of the equipment in the rooms.


The main argument with the yes side is players put their bodies on the line for injury at practices or games. I would say it is their choice to go out for the sport. If athletes like the sport they want to go out for they are gonna experience some injury while they play. Athletes have an 8.1 percent chance of going through their season without an injury. Students shouldn’t be paid for just standing on the sidelines hurt. It would be like giving money to athletes that do nothing.

Did you know that only 8.1% of college athletes go through their career uninjured? I say college athletes shouldn't be paid because most college athletes get scholarships, recruiting won’t exist, and schools money will be wasted.


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