Should College Athletes be paid?

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Should College Athletes be paid?

Athletes use their own time to play sports when they could be studying for a test they have coming up. Sometimes athletes have to miss class to go to sports games or practices. Athletes miss having family time for holidays, birthdays, and other occasions when they could be with their friends or their family instead of practicing and playing in games. They don’t have to be out for sports on their own time when they could be doing other things or even school work. They might have to stay up Friday to study or something.

Use their own Time

Hard work means extra Money.


The Other Side

Colleges don’t make enough money to pay athletes. The NCAA make 11 billion dollars per year on college sports, so what could they be doing with all that money. Colleges only have to pay the coaches 1 million dollars per year. All the money they make doesn’t go to the colleges for upgrades in the classrooms or to the school. Colleges don’t spend more money than how much money they make on sports. Colleges don’t have to spend very much money for broadcasting the games to put the games on T.V.

Do you want to make money by playing sports in college? College athletes don’t make any money from the sports they play, and they are making money for the school without getting anything in return. I believe that college athletes should be paid due to all of the hard work they put into sports. College athletes should be paid because athletes use their own time to play sports, work hard to be able to play, and colleges make a lot of money from their sports.

Should College Athletes be paid?

Athletes have to work hard to be able to play in games and go out for sports. They have to have good grades in their classes to be able to participate in sports. Athletes work almost three and a half more hours than an adult at work with school and their sports. They work really hard in practice to be able to win games and become a better athlete. They have to risk their own health to go and practice and play in games. Something could happen at any moment and they could never play sports again. Also, have to be healthy and be in shape in order to play. Colleges make money off of athletes playing sports. Colleges make even more money when their team gets to championship games or even when they get to the playoffs. Sports make money from selling things at the concessions during the games. Not all of the money that they make goes to the classrooms to improve things or towards the school either. The money that they make doesn’t go to the coaches because if it did that would be a lot of money for the coaches

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