Short Story

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Short Story

Your setting should be clear to the reader.

Plot:You should have tension in the story which keeps the reader engaged. Make the reader be anxious to find out what will happen next!

Your story should contain several creative elements. Make your story come alive! Be entertaining, throught-provoking, and imaginative!

You should have memorable characters that the reader cares about.

Have a creative title!

Organization:The story must be well-organized. This does not mean that the story is in chronological order; it means it must make sense to the reader. We should be able to tell what is going on even if we have to think back or predict.

Short Story Requirementsand Tips!

Story must be three to five pages typed in MLA format.

• Organization• Characters• Creativity• Setting• Plot• Writing Process• Grammar/Mechanics• Rubric

No spelling, grammar or punctuation errors!

Make me want to read your story! Draw the reader in!

Be a writing star!

Think of all the short stories we have read. What did you like about them? How can you make your readers feel the way you did when you read your favorite one?


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