Short stories: One is One and All Alone

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Short stories: One is One and All Alone

The main character, Trish described her loneliness of being the only child on the spaceship. The character of Voice Printer and her parents are also introduced. She described the spaceship and that they were heading to Trion.

Then, the conflict began when Trish started to feel uncomfortable with Clo due to the fact that they were totally identical including in terms of action and even thought.

Trish decided to get rid of Clo and she was thinking of dispersing it out from the spaceship. Finally, one of them was successfully being disposed out through the hatch and another one continued boarding the spaceship.

In the end, it turns to the other way round where Trish is thrown away by Clo. Clo changed her name to Trish and she lives happily all alone in the spaceship as Trish.

Trish was sick being alone, bored of computer images and sounds, she wished for a human companion of her age. She learned the word "clone" from the voice printer and decided to make a clone of herself. Trish thought that the Clone called Clo would be a perfect friend and it was indeed a perfect friend at first. Soon, she communcated less with VP after she had Clo as her friend.

Form 2 Short Stories: One is One and All Alone by Nicholas Fisk

Lesson Objectives1) Understand the plot of the short story by sequencing the plot of the story in a group. 2) Understand the whole short story by answering 15 out of 20 comprehension questions correctly in the handout given.

Activities1) Activity 1: Sequencing Activity (Click On Attachment)2) Activity 2 : Comprehension Exercise (Click On Attachment))

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