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shopping centres


Corner ShopsLocal Grocer'sWindow DisplaysPeople's shopping habitsDisplay spaceHome DeliveriesBrightly lit.Value for money.Department store


Endless queuesDepartment storeIntrusive shop assistantIndustrial statePick up a bargainCashiersWeekly spendingTrends in shopping

Floor spacelarge food storesPleasant music.Well laid out.Shop workers.Consumist SocietyElectrical appliancesDeal with clients

I. IntroductionThey are becoming more and more fashionable.They're typic of a consumist society.They are located on the outskirts of cities, industrial states.A wide range of stores in the same indoor place.You can spend all the day there.They are created to you buy: brightly lit, well laid out....


II. Malls vs small shopsLocal corners can not compete with them.Mall have good sales, bargains, much more products.You can walk along the shops.They are much more attractive than small shops.They have great advertising campaings.Non-personal Service.

III. they are leisure providersYou can enjoy having a lunch, going cinema...There are restaurants, cinemas, cafe, hairdressers..Even, there can be sport facilities:ski slopes, swimming pools.. Entire families go to spend their spare time. It's very important to have a free parking lot there.It's a building to enjoy.

IV. ConclusionThey are creating a consumist society.People have to be aware of buying neccesary things.You can purchase everything in the same place: gaining time in your life. The most important advantage: create a lot of employments.We are creating a mass consumerism society.


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