Shooting the Moon

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Shooting the Moon

Author: Frances O'Roark Dowell

Title: Shooting the Moon

SummaryWhen twelve year-old Jamie Dexter's brother T.J. enlsits in the army, Jamie is thrilled for him but his father (The Colonel) isn't. Jamie can not wait to receive her first letter describing the action and adventures. What T.J. sends Jamie is not at all what she thought he would. Jamie receives a roll of undeveloped film instead of exciting letters. Now Jamie is left with a roll of film that she has to learn how to develop.

SettingFortwood, Texas at a rec center during the Vietnam War

CharactersJamie - Twelve year old tomboy who has a passion for warT.J. - Jamie's older brother who is sent to war as a combat medic.The Colonel - T.J. and Jamie's father who enjoys football and gardening.Private Hollister - Jamie's card playing partner who doesn't want to be sent to Vietnam.



Historical Background


Jamie didn't want Private Hollister to get sent to Vietnam, and the Colonel has to make the decision to send him or not.

The Vietnam War was a long-lasting conflict in Southeast Asia. It started after World War II in 1955 and ended in 1975. More than one million Vietnamese soldiers and over fifty thousand Americans were killed in the war.

I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting a military future. The story reflects on important subjects, as in family and war. I think the author showed strong details of how and why Jamie perceives war. The story lets the readers imagine what the characters are feeling and doing throughout the entire book.


Military hardships/ Family relationships

Historical Interaction

Shows how life was like for families with a family member at war.Jamie changes her perspective of war due to her brother's servicein the military.

Meaningful Line

"I wish T.J. would write me a real letter"(page 69)


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