Sholokhov's heritage

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Sholokhov's heritage

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A great Russian novelist, M.Sholokhov, belongs to those writers whose art helps people to become tolerant and ready to overcome difficulties. He is a master of portraying people's inner world. The ability to describe realistic scenes during transformations and troubles in Russia, scenes from the Civil war on the Don, anti-Soviet uprising of the Cossacks is shown in world famous novels and stories. To understand the Master's heritage better one should be plunged into Sholokhov's life, activity, epoch. our text here

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He has never side-stepped the contradictions in life. Sholokhov omits nothing, he writes the whole truth (K.Fedin)

Sholokhov is a bright personality. The second half of his life was devoted to public work. At the end of 1932, Sholokhov became a full member of the Communist Party. In 1934, Sholokhov took part in the First All-Union Congress of Soviet Writers, and he was elected to the new Writers' Union board. In 1939, Sholokhov was named to the Academy of Sciences and given a Lenin Prize.In March 1941, Sholokhov received the newly created Stalin Prize. On his 50th birthday in 1955, Sholokhov was given the Lenin Prize. In 1965, Sholokhov won the Nobel Prize for literature

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Sholokhov's creative activity can be called the anatomy of Cossacks' life. It is proved by the author's skillful description of Cossacks feelings, thoughts, way of life.

1926 - Tales of the Don 1925 -1940 Tikhy Don 1932 -1960 - Podnyataya tselina 1942 - They Fought for Their Country 1957 - The Fate of a Man

"Birthmark" was written in 1924. It is the first short story about the clash of a young Red commander and the wizend old leader of an anti-Soviet band of maurauding Cossack brigands. Both characters had difficult fates and fought for their own truth.

And Quiet Flows the DonThe novel is remarkable for the objectivity of portrayal of the heroic and tragic struggle of the DonCossacks against the Bolsheviks for independence. The main characters are poor peasants. The strength of their characters, hectical feelings, richness of Cossacks spirit are reflected in their everyday labour. The characters of the novel look for a right way in their life, make mistakes, try to find the sense of life and historical truth of that time. Nature in the novel symbolizes optimism.

«Virgin Soil Upturned»«Virgin Soil Upturned» shows Cossacks life during collectivization in the Don area. The appearance of the book showed how great was the range of the writer’s capabilities in Cossacks life. The success of the book is in writer’s being in constant contact with life, his detailed and profound knowledge of the working people. The first book came out in 1932. The second one was completed in 1960. The action in the novel takes place in Gremyachy Log. This book has a message for those who wants to understand the stresses and strains of Soviet life from the 1930-s to the present day. One of the distinctive dignities of the novel is humour, which shows Sholokhov’s ability to portray not only tragic scenes but also humour ones. The main characters' speech is bright and original, full of sayings, proverbs, colourful comparisons.


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