Shoemarkers In Colonial

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Shoemarkers In Colonial

The Steps of Making Shoes1. Select leather for vamp2. Select leather for sides 3. Make insole4. Sew vamp and sides together

The Importance of ShoemakersShoemakers were an important part of Colonial Times. They were important craftsman and known as cordwainers. In England, shoemaking was a job for men and boys. Boys began their career as an apprentice and learned from a master shoemaker. After several years of training, they became a journeyman.

Types of Shoes Shoemakers MadeShoemakers made many different kinds of shoes, and shoemaking helped colonies prosper. They made some shoes out of buckskin from deers that were hunted. Shoemakers made crude shoes out of cattle hides and skins, and they made moccasins out of animal hides.

Shoemakers in Colonial Colonial TimesBy:Gianna2013

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