shoe-washing machine

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shoe-washing machine

Shoe-Washing Machine

A machine specialized to wash shoes of any type and economize water and time. This could be useful for every tipe of people who is busy almost all the time and want to have clean shoes.





Sara Cansino, Ana Sofia Gonzalez, Ana Martha Rocha, Mariana Navarrete, Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey Campus San Luis Potosi

There are many people that doesn’t wash their shoes regularly, this might be because they are busy, don’t have time, it gives them laziness, or simply because they don’t like to do it but...imagine that in only 20 minutes you can have your shoes like if you have never wore them!


Have you ever wonder how to wash your shoes without work and any damage on them?

The Prototipe

-A survey was made to know if people would like to have a shoe-washing machine.-Thanks to many references, information about different kind of methods of how to clean shoes was found.


The results of asking people about the shoe-washing machine, and if they find it useful were that 80% of them think is a great idea and would like to have it at home or in a loudry.


1)Turn on the shoe-washing machine.2)Adjust your shoe size.3)Select: type of shoe and type of washing.4)Press the button to start.


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