Shmuel David Bursztyn

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Shmuel David Bursztyn

Shmuel David Bursztyn

- Warsaw fell to the Germans on September 28, 1939- The Germans set up the Warsaw ghetto in 1940- April 18, 1942, Shmuel was arrested- Executed later that month

- Born 1874 in Pultusk, Poland- Married his wife, Gisha, in the late 1890s - Moved to Warsaw where Shmuel owned a bakery- 1920 Shmuel, his wife, and their eight children moved to a larger apartment in the Jewish section- By 1939 the children had moved out except the two youngest - Shmuel was now working in the Kagan Bakery- Shmuel's apartment fell within the borders of the ghetto- Shmuel was killed at the age of 68- Three months after his death, Gisha was deported to Treblinka and was killed at the age of 65- Nothing is known of his youngest children


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