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Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple

Shirley's Effect on the EconomyWhen you think of Shirley Temple what do you imagine? A girl with flowy, colorful dresses, a girl with tap shoes on dancing with Bill Robinson. Or maybe a little, red headed girl with 56 perfect curls. All are true but do you think of a red, bubbling drink with a cherry in it, most likely not. Or do you think of a diner ware set, or maybe a calendar, probably not. Even though these things aren’t what Shirley Temple was known for they were very popular during the 1930’s. Shirley was a star in the marketing business. If you put Shirley’s face on anything people would buy it. This boosted the economy so much in the depression.

Shirley's CareerEver since Shirley was 3 she has been enrolled in some sort of musical activity. As a 3 year old she was cast in the show “Baby Burlesks.” When she was 3 her mother put her in dance lessons. She was also in the church choir ensuring she would not get stage fright. Her mother was an all or nothing kind of woman. She wanted Shirley to be the best of the best. And Shirley did just that. At the age of 6 she upstaged all the popular adult actors, winning America over with her talent, charm, and beauty. Even the president loved Shirley Temple. On many accounts President Roosevelt complimented Shirley Temple and her amazing talent. Once he stated that he didn’t know what America would have done without her. Shirley even won a miniature Oscar at age 10.

Shirley's Life After ActingNot only could Shirley sing and dance, she was also a great politic. Shirley once said that all actors were politicians. After retiring from acting Shirley became the U.S. ambassador of Ghana after an unsuccessful bid for congress. Shirley also got breast cancer. She then made sure everyone knew that it was not the end of her, and it wasn’t. But sadly Shirley died at age 85. This person has sung, cried, and danced her way into America’s heart.

Shirley accepting her oscar

A Shirley Temple calender

Shirley Temple With her 56 Curls

The Shirley Temple Drink

Shirley with cancer


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