Shirakami Sanchi

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Shirakami Sanchi

Shirakami - Sanchi白神山地 (White God Mountain Area)

Contains monodominant forests of Siebold's Beech, along with an abundance of evergreen and Japanese Ranzania.

Home to rare species of birds, such as the black woodpecker, as well as large mammals like the Japanese black bear and the Japanese serow.

Primary ConsumerOokinokomushi

Secondary ConsumerJapanese Black Bear

Teritary ConsumerMountain Hawk Eagle

ProducersStone Pine

Very few organisms that inhabit the forests are carnivorous. Most of them feast on the native fruits and vegetation.

As a result of the land becoming a tourist attraction, the animals that inhabit the property have become accustomed to the many visitors that pass by.

Bacillus subtilis


Monotropastrum humile

The property is associated with the UNESCO's World Heritage project.

A large portion of the animal population belongs to 87 deifferent species of birds.


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