Ship Ahoy

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Ship Ahoy

Ship Ahoy

This is an aircraft carrier. They are used by the U.S. Navy as floating airbases.

The aircraft carrier's air pockets cause the density of the ship to be lower.

Things float if their density is lower than the density of the substance they are in.

The formula for density is D=M/V, or density equals mass divided by volume.

Positive buoyancy causes an object to float, negative sinks, and neutral it will stay in place.

Another factor that helps aircraft arriers float is salt water. Salt water is more dense than regular water so the density of the aircraft carrier can be heavier.

This is USS George Washington or the GW. It has a density of 0.47g/cm squared. This means that the aircraft carrier will have positive buoyancy because the density of salt water is 1.03g/cm squared


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