Shiny Blue Bottle Fly

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Shiny Blue Bottle Fly

Cynomya Cadaverina

Shiny Blue Bottle Fly

This fly is 5/8 inch in length. The eyes are dark red. The thorax is black with gray stripes. The metallic blue-green abdomen is distinctive for the species. There are black bristles on the thorax and abdomenand has black legs

Adult shiny blue bottle flys lay there eggs in open wounds or natural body opening. They lay 17 generation per year with about 25-50 eggs each generation. Temperature can have extreme impact on development.

PMI (Post-Mortem Interval)

PMI is used to estimate the time that has elapsed since a person has died by using insects. The lifecycle and waves of succession are used to estimate the PMI.

The flies are mostly found in sothern Canada and have been found in northern North America

In the Diptera order. Goes through four life stages: egg, larva, pupa imago. The flies live for 17-19 days, varies on the temperature. In colder weather they last longer while in warmer weather they dont live as long.


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