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SummaryMarty Preston comes across a young behind his home. This dog was ownned by Judd Travers who kicks and misstreats his dogs. Marty decides to build a pen for the beagle who later Marty names Shiloh. Marty keeps it a secret but later it will be exposed to his family. Once Judd finds out Marty and his family will do anything to keep that dog.

Fact and Opinion: OpinionsC:It was one of the best books i've ever read.P:it was a sad book but an amazing one!!!!!!Facts: C:Marty found shiloh just wondering around. P:Marty has two younger sisters a mother and a father.

PROBLEM!!!!!Judd Travers abuses Shiloh in very bad ways! Judd kicks Shiloh and thretens to shoot him when he runs away.

Soulation!!!!!Marty makes a deal with Judd to work to get the dog. He works two dollars an hour to pay off the

Chartacter TraitsMarty: Brave because he stood up to Judd.Judd: Rude becuse he abuses his dog in very bad ways.

SettingThey live on a hill in West Vrgina. Also by the woods and a river.



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