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Step 1:Sit up straight and have good posture. Put your feet flat on the floor. Have your instrument on your shoulder if you play violin or viola. Have your instrument held in front of you if you play cello or bass.

ShiftingA Guide on How to Shift to Third Position

By Divya & Anitta

Step 2:Place your thumb by the first tape. Check your wrist to make sure it is straight for violins and violas. For cellos and basses, make sure your hand is curved. Keep your fingers curved and floating over the fingerboard.

Step 5:To shift, smoothly slide your whole left hand from the first tape to the third tape. Make sure that your thumb moves with your hand.

Step 3:Hold your bow by the frog with your fingers slanted towards the tip. Keep your thumb bent. Place your pinky by the screw and make sure it is curved.

Step 4:Place your bow on the string in the middle, between the bridge and fingerboard. Use a full bow while playing.


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