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Some friends fade away....Others disappear.

Imagine you think your former best friend does too.Imagine he doesn't.Imagine your world shifting....

Imagine you and your best friend head out West on a cross-country bike trek.Imagine that the two of you get into a fight — and stop riding together.Imagine you reach Seattle, go back home, start college.

From Mackin Book Talks Newly graduated from high school, Chris and his best friend Win take a bike trip across the United States. They planned to bike from Virginia to Seattle and then take the bus home. Friends since third grade, Chris understands Win’s home situation. He has always cut Win a lot of slack, because Win’s father always belittles his son. When Win suddenly ditches Chris before they reach their goal, Chris, angry and upset, takes the bus home alone. He starts his first year at college, but Win never shows up. Convinced that Chris knows where Win is, Win’s overbearing father has hired an FBI agent to investigate. The FBI agent informs Chris that Win disappeared with a large amount of money and that Chris might be under suspicion for murder. Chris is receiving mysterious postcards which he believes are from Win. From the little information included on the cards, he figures out where Win is hiding. Should he tell the FBI agent and clear himself of any wrongdoing? Or should he keep Win’s secret so that his father doesn’t find him?


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