Shi Huangdi

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Shi Huangdi

Shi Huangdi- First EmperorMorgan & Abby PD 4(Morga-Ham and JoJo)

Shi Huang was born as Ying Zheng in 259 BC, he was the son of the king of the Qin State. At the age of thirteen, he succeeded his father's regality. Zheng was very aggressive and enthusiastic at an early age. He assumed full power at 22 by ridding himself of his premier, Lu Buwei, who acted as regent while he was a minor.

When: 259 – 210 BCWhere: ChinaWhat: Before its unification under Qin Shihuangdi, its First Emperor, China was made up of seven major states which were often at war with each other, fighting for power. Historians call this time the Warring States period.Who: Shi HuangdiWhy To come into power between the 7 states

Facts About Shi Huang

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First emperor of the Qin Dynasty, Shi Huang- unified China in 221 B.C. and turned the country into a centralized empire.

4. This is inside of the tomb.

3. Terracotta soliders

5. This is a picture of Shi Haungdi.

2. This is his hidden secret tomb.

1. This is one of Shi Huangdi's statue.


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