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The sport of extreme horse riding!

There are different horses used for the style of which you ride them. (WESTERN HORSES)QUARTER HORSES:Are horses that excels at sprinting in short distances. STANDARD BREED:Are used for harness racing, pleasure driving and under saddle. PAINT HORSES:The American Paint Horse is extremely popular in traditional stock-horse western events as well as a variety of other riding disciplines.(ENGLISH HORSES)THOUROUGHBRED :Used for racing and jumping competetions. HONOVERIAN :Hanoverians are usually best used for dressage, jumping, and even in the hunter ring.

Types of Horses!


Styles: When in a competion, riders compete with different styles. Theres:Western & English!Western styles include: Reigning, and Cutting. REIGNING:you basically do different patterns with your horse. Turning at certain points, going back and forth, etc.CUTTING:You and horse cut 1 cow from a herd of cows. English styles include: Dressage, Show Jumping, Cross Country.DRESSAGE:With dressage you trying to show off your horse by danicng. You have music playing along with you too.SHOW JUMPING: You show off your horse by jumping through gates. CROSS COUNTRY:This is done in a field rather than an arena like show jumping.

SOME COOL LINGO!!!! IS THE HORSE LAME?: "Lame" is refering to how the horse preforms. If the horse is lame it means its hurt.SOUND OR NOT : When you hear a horse back rider say this, she's also refering to the condition of the horse.MOUNTING: The Action of trying to get onto a horse.TACKING UP: When you put the horse's bridle and saddle on.TROTTING: When you run your horse around a track.CANTERING: When a horse runs around a track at a fast pace.WARMBLOODED HORSES: It's just another breed of horses. They tend to have bigger muscles and heavier than thouroughbreds.

BIT: A bar that goes into the horse's mouthGIRTH:The strap that goes under the belly to hold the saddle.BOOTS: Spints for all the legs so that the horse does not kick itself! And also offers extra support!SADLLE:The padding that the rider sits on when on the horse.WHIPS:A untensile that makes the horse go faster.WRAPS:Cloth that helps prevents ankle injuries amoung horses.


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