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Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes has been portrayed in 2 main series in recent television "Sherlock" and "Elementary". Both are modern adaptations of the classic and both take liberties with the story. Sherlock is a modern adaptation kept in Europe released by BBC. Sherlock Holmes is played by Benedict Cumberbatch and Doctor Watson is played by Martin Freeman. The show often uses little references to the show often making the episode titles similar to the actual stories for example the first episode is called "A Study in Pink" as opposed to the story "A study in Scarlet". Though there are discrepencies made in the show. Such as a hinted relationship between Sherlock and Irene Adler as well as hints of homosexuality between Sherlock and John. Benedict's Sherlock is very rude and abraisive almost like a petulant child. Elementary is a different kind of adaptation. Instead of John Sherlock's assistant is Joan watson palyed by Lucy Liu. Sherlokc is played by John Lee Miller. In this series the main focus is actually on Sherlock's addictive behavior as well as the cases. Instead of just flatmates Watson actually serves as an almost sponsor after Sherlock's return from rehab due to the request of Sherlocks father. Miller's Sherlock is much less abraisive and seems to have a more respectful attitude towards watson. Both films potray Sherlock in a different way than the original piece.

Sherlock Holmes

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ' The Original WorkSir Arthur Ignatias Conan Doyle was born May 22 1895 in Edinburgh Scotland. His Father Charles Doyle was an alchoholic who didn't do much with his life. His mother Mary Doyle however, was the inspiration for Doyle to become an author. When he was younger his mother would read him stories and was very interested in the world of literarture. Instead of following his family history and went into medicine. At the age of 20 he became the medical officer on the Whaling ship called Hope. In 1881 he recieved his Bachelor of Medicine and Master of Surgery Degree. He married his wife Louisa Hawkins in 1885. In 1888 he wrote the very first short story about Sherlock Holmes. It was called "A Study in Scarlet". Though Sherlock Holmesd became world renowned it was actually viewed as "commercial" by Doyle. He much preferred his other works such as Micah Clark. The book was well reieved at the time but is almost forgotten now. Doyle felt that his other work better demonstrated who he was as an "serious author".In fact Doyle wrote what he believed would be the final Sherlock Holmes story in 1893 which ended with Sherlock and his nemesis Professor James Moriarty falling to their deaths called "The fall of Reichenbach". As a result The Strand lost 20,000 subscriptions. Shortly after Louisa was diagnosed with Tuberculosis. Doyle later served in The Boehr war as a medical officer. After which Doyle found himself inspired with a story but he had no hero. The Strand released Sherlock Holmes and the Hounds of Baskerville in August of 1901 to the delight of their readers. Louisa died in Doyle's arms July 4th 1906. In 1907 he married Jean Leckie a woman Conan had been seeing for almost 9 years. The 2 had 2 children. Doyle died July 7th 1930.

Character Analysis

Sherlock Similarities

Sherlock In movies

Sherlock In Television

Sherlock Holmes has always been notorious for his intelligence and his deductie abilities (even though he technically uses abduction in most renditions). He is even credited in the novels with being the 1st consulting detective. It is believed that Sherlock was based on a collegue of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's named Dr. Bell. Doyle even dedicated "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" to Bell. According to Doyle, Bell was able to diagnose a patient the moment they walked into the room. Sherlock is described as a thin man with dark hair and high cheekbones. Sherlock is assisted by Dr. John watson a doctor recently returned from Afghanistan. The two solve cases together that are brought to Sherlock's attention by either the police or a private party. On the surface Sherlock appears to be an almost omniscient being who is rearely wrong or faulted by anyone but the disgruntled policeman Detective Inspector G. Lestrade. Howerer John Watson points out many of the Detectives kinks and strange habits. Sherlock Holmes is nearly addicted to solving puzzles his brain is unable to deal with boredome or any kind of inactivity. During a case he is completely focused on the case. He doesn't eat and quite often doesn't sleep until the case is solved. In between cases Sherlock uses a stimulant to keep his mind occupied. In the series as well as some of the movies the drug was Cocaine. Even in the time perid of the novel cocaine was known to cause health problems. In the stories Watson even moves to help free Sherlock from his habit. Most modern adaptations include this as well. In the newer adaptations it ranges from cocaine to nicotine. Shrlock also has a very strong attachment to John Watson. In the book series this isn't covered as strongly but in the television series and movies this attatchment is often an important part of his character. Especially later on when Doctor Watson moves out to live with his wife Mary. So though Sherlock is very intelligent he isn't in fact invulnerable.

Though the Actors and settings of Sherlock have changed over the years. There are many things that stay the same as the above video demosntrates. The video isn't very long but the song definitely describes the feeling of some of the similarities between the television show "Sherlock" and the movie "Sherlock Holmes a Game of Shadows".

Due to the fact that Sherlock Holmes has existed for such a substantial period of time it has been able to gather a very dedicated fanbase. There is a Sherlock museum at the address 221b Bakers street. The fans have created countless fan stories as well as fan art and videos (see above video). When "Reichenbach Falls" was released and the Strand lost so many subscibtions there were actual mourning ceremonies for the fallen literary hero as well as significant pressure for the detective's return. Today there are fan blogs icluding one that was actually created by the students of Stanford University. Sherlock Holmes has even been able to bring together genertations due to the fans of the books mingling with the newer fans of the movies and television series.

The Fans

There are far too many actors that have portrayed Sherlock Holmes in the past to discuss them all (around 180 different actors). So, lets focus on the most modern adaptation and a much earlier adaptation. In "Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows" Sherlock is played by Robert Downey Junior. This version drastically veers away from the series. The Movie doesn't seem to follow the books very much at all. Instead of followig canon the movie focuses on a new story line as well as action scenes. In this film Sherlock is still in his original time period, however, he still seems to have the behaviorisms of the more modern adaptations. His Sherlock is very rude and abraisive and seems to focus more on himself than others. Downey's Sherlokc also makes it a key plot factor that the detective does not want Watson to move out and resents Mary. The film is action packed and entertaining but i does not reflect the original piece. "The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes" was released in 1976. Sherlock Holmes is played by Sir Roberts Stephens. The movie was humerous and had many refernces to the original movie. This movie was more of a detective movie and follows the book a bit more accurately than the Downey adaptation.


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