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Creepy Copper Beechesby Cole Jackson Published Nov 20 2014

Table of Contents

No Good Comes From Doing Bad - A Scene from The Adventure of Copper Beeches

Obituary- A Dog Named Dog was Killed Today

Sherlock Holmes looking for clues.

Main Character - Violet Hunter

Violet Hunter

Violet Hunter meets with Sherlock Holmes and asks for help.

Story SummaryViolet Hunter was an ordinary governess who is offerred a weird job. She is hired by Mr. Rucastle and his wife to be their son's governess. They live in big house called Copper Beeches. She is worried that something is wrong with the offer and asks Sherlock Holmes to help her.She goes to the job and everything is not really normal. They ask her to do strange things, like cut off her hair. She is afraid and there are parts of the house that are not really used. She gets so worried she calls Sherlock Holmes. He comes to help her find out what is going on. They discover Mr. Rucastle had locked up his daugter for money. He hired the governess to be an imitation of their daughter. The daughter escapes and runs off to get married.They confront Mr. Rucastle and he is killed in the end by his own dog.

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Violet Hunter is a governess who works for Mr. Rucastle.She is asked to do many strange things at her job. She has to cut her hair and wear a blue dress. She is also not allowed to go to parts of the house. She is scared most of the story.

I. SummaryII. Main CharacterIII. Book Review - The Weirdness of Copper Beeches a Good StoryIV. Editorial - Too Good To Be TrueV. Comic - No Good Comes from Doing Bad Scary PlaceIV. Obituary- A Dog Named Dog Was Killed Today

I liked the plot of this story. I liked it because it had plenty of mystery and kept you guessing. The only part I didn't like was when the dog died. It gave the wrong impression of dogs. I would recommend the book to kids, age 9-15.

The dog lived a very sad life. He didn't get fed often because they wanted to make him mean. At the end of the book, he chewed on his owner's neck, Mr. Rucastle. Then, Dr. Watson shot him in the head and killed him.

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Editorial - Too Good To Be True

If something feels too good to be true, it is. Violet knew the job paid too much. She should of followed her heart instead of her mind. I think that is important.

Book Review - The Weirdness of Creepy Copper Beeches A Good Story


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