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“Building Wigwams” by OliviaDo you know how to build wigwams? I do, let’s learn! Most of the Anishinabe’s wigwams were dome shaped. Also they had a round base that was usually 3 meters. Some of the largest wigwams were shaped like rectangles or ovals. They were 9 meters. Most wigwams could be built in one day. Also wigwams were made out of branches. Most people put them on a slope so when it rained the rain would drain. Families would put the door facing the east so in the morning they could see the sun out the door. Also wigwams were made out of birch bark or cattail mats. Wigwams were usually 8-10 feet tall. One more thing, women usually built the wigwams. That’s all I know about wigwams. Native Languages of Americans website. Retrieved on December 21, 20ll. Life in Anishinabe Camp. By Niki walker. Retrieved on December 20, 2011. Retrieved on December 20, 2011.

Setting up the CampShelterBy Dr. Professor Oscar Jr. III & Dr. Professor Birch IIIHave you ever wanted to hear how the Anishanabe set up their camps? Well read this paragraph!!! The Anishanabe often moved their wigwams from site to site. Their wigwams were usually covered with animal hides or birch bark. Sometimes the natives would use the wigwams for having special ceremonies or celebrating. Usually one to two families lived in a wigwam. The natives made the base of the wigwam out of wooden poles. They moved their wigwams to follow certain animals. They set up the wigwams on purpose for reasons such as hunting, making syrup from elk trees, fishing and preparing maple sugar. Summer camps were really big. Winter camps were usually smaller than the summer camps. When the Anishanabe left their wigwams they took the hides and left the poles. The wigwam’s door was usually 6 feet tall. Birch bark usually was overlapped by other birch bark to keep warm. The natives made dome- shaped wigwams. There you have it folks!!! Now you know about wigwams. “Bye, bye!”Life in an Anishanabe Camp by Niki Walker.Kid Info Bits. Retrieved on December 21, 2011. Wildwood. Retrieved on December 21, 2011. Twurdy. Retrieved on December 21, 2011.

Inside the Wigwam Shelter By Trevor and Grace Do you want to know what the Anishanabe did inside the wigwams? Well, I will tell you about it. The elders told stories to the others in the wigwam. They also sang songs, cooked and mended tools too. The average height of a wigwam is 7 to 8 feet tall and very wide so the Anishanabe had a lot of room to sleep and do a lot of other stuff. The wigwams are shaped like a dome, cone or rectangles too. You are probably wondering how they kept there wigwams warm in the winter. They had a fire place in the middle of the wigwam. Also they had animal fur on the walls. They were in the wigwam a lot more in the winter. `12Life in a Anishanabe Camp by Niki Walker.Twurdy. Retrieved on December 21, 2011.

ShelterBy: Olivia, Oscar ,Trevor, Grace,and Birch



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