Shelter the Homeless

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Shelter the Homeless

I feel like God has always been there to guide me, and has always held his hand out for me but rarely is it that I even notice it.The fourth corporal works of mercy tells us to shelter the homeless. As an architect, I want to be that hand for others and I can be by designing, building, developing and doing everything I can do in my position to make sure those living on the streets transition into a safe, warm environment inside a house.

God is always beside me but sometimes my lack of complete and utter faith blinds me, and His image is overseen. I am afraid because I feel alone. I feel alone because I am unable to trust. I am unable to trust because I am afraid. God acts as my set of eyes, welcoming me into His arms; yet here I am, blind.

At times, I need to remind myself that all I need to do is trust.

If I were not attending a Catholic school my vocation, whatever it may be, would certainly be different. At least my perception of what it might be would be. Religion was barely an aspect to consider before high school due to the fact that it did not impact my life in a significant way. Even then every year of high school outside of my grade 12 year I have not exactly taken the teachings of my respective religion classes to heart. However, I still do remember the gist of it all and believe that everything that has happened before my grade 12 year were stepping stones gathered for this point forward. From this point forward I would take these stepping stones to move towards my vocation and to improve my relationship with God.

I cannot guarantee that faith is a significant source of hope, however I do at times draw inspiration from it. I used to be a very carefree individual, however I was raised to become a hard working individual, only looking for myself. I had subconsciously lived my life where I figured that the best way to do things was to do it myself and it would be a while before I came to trust others. Faith (as in my relationship with God) allowed me to become more 'open-hearted' and put faith (as in trust) in others like I put faith in God. I am constantly finding myself attempting to treat others like I would treat God: with open arms, and as a friend, not as a cold, 'hard-hearted' stranger.

Shelter the Homeless

One of the most important teachings from the Bible tells us that we are all brothers and sisters made from the Blood and Body of Christ. Promoting the dignity of the human person means to protect them and safeguard them against all danger through peaceful and non-destructive measures. By constructing shelter homes for the homeless or even warmth shelters during harsh winters, I can promote the dignity of the human person.

Some people make mistakes in their lives, mistakes that may not have been deem illegal nor immoral however have put them in a bad position in life. Unfortunately, some of these mistakes result in people losing their homes and thus must resort to living their lives on the street. Saint Paul said "We are one body: when one suffers, we all suffer." In order to promote the common good, simply doing my job as an architect will allow me to provide for the basic human needs of others. It will allow those who are homeless to once again regain shelter, safety, and security. Furthermore as the environment is a sacred trust, promoting environmentally-friendly practices despite the possible extra cost allows everyone who is involved in the construction to help pass on what we have recieved in good order to the next generation.

Throughout my life, my faith journey has felt like a journey in space. Although you still have contact with others, you feel alone and abandoned. During a spacewalk, astronauts will always have a physical link to the spaceship in order for them not to float away. That tether is the only link to life astronauts have got once they are outside of the ship. I feel very much the same way. I am the astronaut during a space walk: while I'm in awe of the beauty of life, I am also alone in it. At times I feel lost, seemingly wandering around throughout space. Sometimes I just need to remember that God is the tether that we all have access to that will lead us towards the good life and utlimately towards the Kingdom of Heaven.

When I first fully experienced Catholism, the teachings of God and the Bible at a local Indonesian-Canadian church, one of the projects that was constantly being promoted was a trip to third world countries where they would build numerous houses and schools for those who simply could not afford it. I hope that as time goes on, I find myself in one of these paths, personally getting involved and lend my helping hand in these kind of these projects. My vocation grants me the power and the potential to truly work as service to God and for others in the true sense of the word. Simply by doing what I do, I am able to provide for others in need as well as serve God.

A self-directed, responsible, lifelong learner who develops and demonstrates their God-given potential. With a career as an architect, I am able to demonstrate my potential by lending a helping hand to those who need it most. Through the construction of a household or shelter, those who are in a vulnarable place in their lives may seek refuge during harsh times, figuratively and literally.

A responsible citizen who gives witness to Catholic social teaching by promoting peace, justice and the sacredness of human life. By sheltering those who live on the streets, I am able to protect the sacredness of human life. While nobody else is endangering their life or dignity, through misfortunate events they may be forced to live in an environment that is not exactly suitable for anyone to live. Additionally, promoting the use of environmentally-friendly building materials as well as environmentally-friendly practices in the architecture community allows for a healtier Earth for all of us. While it does not bring justice to anybody, it brings justice for the Earth.


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