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Shekinah Jo Anderson

Shekinah Jo Anderson, is a professional hair stylist and reality television personality. Shekinah has already struck celebrity status and is a rising star in the Beauty & Entertainment Industry. The Atlanta native realized her passion for styling, at the age of 12 when she spent most of her time braiding hair for friends and family.Shekinah’s earned her styling degree from the Platinum Hit Salon in Atlanta and a cosmetology degree at Empire Beauty School, also in Atlanta. Her talent and work ethic enabled her to establish a clientele and self fund her education at the Empire Beauty School.She coined the term "I Work Hard" while filming Family Hustle and used that term for her own t-shirt line. Shakinah also has her own salon in Atlanta, with her products called Shekinahjo's Beautiful Edges, Shekinahjo's moisturizing shampoo and intense conditioner. She specializes in hair coloring, dread locks, extensions and more. Her work has been featured on models who have appeared in many magazines including XXL, Hype Hair, Essence and Vibe.

Shekinah Jo Anderson


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