Shay's Rebellion

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Shay's Rebellion

Shay's Rebellion

It was lead by Revolutionary War veteran Daniel Shay. His followers were called shaysites.

The Shay's Rebllion was a protest in 1786 and 1787. Shay's rebellion started because of the State and local enforcment of tax collection and judgement of debt.

Although farmers took up arms in states from New Hampshire to South Carolina, the rebellion was most serious in Massachusetts, where bad harvests, economic depression, and high taxes threatened farmers with the loss of their farms.

Shay's Rebellion motivated Americans to fix the problemes in the Articles of Conferderation and create the Constitution

Shay's Rebellion was ironic, because the Americans had just fought a war to escape unfair taxation from the brittish. During Shay's rebellion they were rebelling to escape unfair taxation in their own country.

Shay's Rebellion has great historical significance. It pushed some of the ideas which would later be written in The Constitution, which is the basis for our governmental system.

The most notible event of Shay's Rebellion was the storming of the Springfield Armory by a rebel millitia. The rebel millitia killed four men and wounded 20 while trying to seize the armory.

Shay's Rebellion ended with a suprise attack on the shaysite camp at Petersham on Febuary 4th, 1787. Small millitias still continued to attack untill june, but the rebellion was mostly over.


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