Shayndel Solomon: Ulysses S. Grant

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Social Studies
Politicians and Presidents

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Shayndel Solomon: Ulysses S. Grant

18th President of the United StatesTwo terms from 1869 to 1877

Ulysses S. Grant

Ulysses S. Grant had very little political experience, but was known to be a hero to the Nation for his victory during the Civial War, which brought him respect from both the North and South. This, along with his large amount of votes from free blacks is suspected for his election as president in 1868. The amount of support he had from the African American community was justifiable. He believed in the civil rights of blacks, which can be proved by what he did in his first presidential administration. Grant had military forces protect African Americans from white groups trying to take away their rights, Congress passing three force bills between 1870 and 1871. Two of these bills were used to enforce the 15th amendment and the third to enforce the 14th amndment. Grant also managed to stop a financial panic in 1869. People tried to manipulate the gold marekt by buying all the availible gold in New York and selling it for inflated prices. Two participants were James Fisk and Jay Gould. This is what caused the panic. Grant ordred for the government to sell it's own gold and stopped it on Septemer 24th, which became known as "Black Friday".

Significance of Preidency


"The office has come to me unsought, I commence its duties untrammeled."~Ulysses S. Grant

A picture of General and President, Ulysses S. Grant.

Ulysses S. Grant's signature.

Ulysses S. Gqrant's first inaguration as 18th President of the U.S. on March 4, 1869.



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