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For my earth movements project I decided to study volcanoes. first i asked mysealf,''Why are volcanoes on this planet?'' Volcanoes are on this planet because of a hot spot. Volcanoes are also on Mars,Venus, and The Moon.Then curiosity thought what are the worlds most activ volcanoes? My answer was Kilauea,Etna,Piton de la Fournaise,and Nyamuragira.Did you ever wonder how many vollcanoes are in the ring of fire? 452to be exact! Did you know Etna is 350,000 years oldand still eruptingin Itly. Now I'm sure everyone would like to know how hot can lava get in ferinhight and celces?It can get anywhere from 700 degreas-1,250degreas celces and 2,000 degreas farenhight. Hear is some thing no one wants to test! Can you die from tuching lava? Someone found that out and said you can die or get seriously burnt! Thanks for listning!

The smallest volcanoe is 406-meaters high!

When a volcanoe erupts it creates new rock io form land or a new island!

volcanoe power can be made into alternitv energy!

There are 452 volcanoes in The Ring of Fire

By: Shayla Patton


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