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Decendants of the mound builder culture, the Shawnee are native to Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. A far ranging people, they held alliances and trade agreements with several of their neighboring peoples. Displaced by the U.S. government, the tribe settled in what is today Oklahoma.


Leader of a confederacy of tribes opposed to the westward expansion of the United States, Tecumseh fought for an independant Shawnee nation supported by the Brittish during the war of 1812

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By:Robert MangumEmily Xia

Known for their wood carving, pottery and intricate beadwork called "Wampum", the Shawnee were skilled artisans. Using the natural world around them, their traditional dwelling was a Wigwam made from treebark and they created dug-out canoes which helped them navigate the great lakes region.

The Shawnee hunted deer and wild turkey. They also were skilled fishermen and farmed primarily squash and corn.

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