[2015] Meg Blodgett (Monday Spring 2015): Shawnee Tribe

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[2015] Meg Blodgett (Monday Spring 2015): Shawnee Tribe

Tecumseh was the most famous Shawnee leader and is well known in trying to get Native American tribes to fight with the British to cast out Americans and take back their land during the War of 1812.

Early Carolina Shawnee tribes were depicted as a warlike tribe that was enemies with the Catawba and the Iroquois tribes. Throughout history, they were always looking out for their people and tried to protect them from the white expansion.

The Shawnee Native Americans were Nomadic people; they moved around a lot because the U.S. government forced them to Oklahoma in the 18th century.

Shawnee TribeBy: Meg Blodgett

The Shawnee tribe now lives in Oklahoma; they are an autonomous people- each tribe has its own government and leader. In 1669, the Shawnee tribe was living near the Cherokee tribe in South Carolina and Tennessee. They were also settled in the Great lakes region in the 16th century. Today in Oklahoma, there are three tribes: Absentee-Shawnees, Eastern Shawnee, and the Shawnee tribe.

The Shawnees were primarily a farming tribe. The Shawnee women planted food like corn and squash while the Shawnee men would hunt for turkeys, deer, or went fishing. They ate meet, cornbread, stew, and Shawnee cakes-made out of cornmeal and water.




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