[2014] THE BALLER Gallagher: Shaun White

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[2014] THE BALLER Gallagher: Shaun White

Snowboarding is a winter sport played by riding down a slope covered in snow, using specialized boots to stay strapped onto your board. Snowboarding started as early as the 1900s, when people just used leather and string to tie their feet onto plywood or wood planks. In 1965 a man name Sherman Poppen fastened to skis together for his two daughters, he called these toys “snurfers”. As snurfing became more popular, two people, Jake Burton and Tom Sims, started to invent more modern types of snowboards. Tom Sims, a previous skateboarder had an interest in snowboarding, he built a snowboard by putting carpet on a piece of wood and an aluminum sheet on the bottom of the board. Jake Burton, had made a snow board he constructed himself, but this board had real bindings to keep his feet in. Jake had founded a snowboard shop in Vermont, but few people bought them because they said the price was too high at 30$. Late on, Burton Snowboards became the biggest snowboarding business out there. By 1979 snowboarding had become a competitive sport. For the next 15 years (70s-83s) Burton and many other manufactures modernized snowboards and made them way more efficient. Snowboarding was made into the Xgames and was added to the Olympics in 1998, and has become way more popular.

Shaun White

Shaun White soars through the air.

The History of Snowboarding

Basics of Snowboarding

Before snowboarding was popular, ski resorts banned snowboarding. Kids were being too crazy and out of control. Beginners should start with smaller boards, because they are easier to handle. Beginners should also were a helmet and other protective equipment. Snowboards range in size, shape, and color. Some have crazy art if you like that and some are plain. The size of a board ranges from 3ft to 6ft long depending on your own size. You should chose the one that you like best.

Shaun White was born on September 3rd, 1986 in San Diego California. Shaun had two cardiac surgeries before he was five because he had a c heart defect. Shaun started to snowboard at age six. Shaun had originally skateboarded like his brother but started to do both, skate and snowboard. Shaun kept Snowboarding and Skateboarding and became very great at both. Shaun’s inspiration was Tony Hawk, a fantastic Skate boarder whom he met when he was 9 years old. Shaun, because of his “big” red hair was nicknamed the “Flying Tomato”. Shaun received his first sponsorship from Burton when he was six. years old.

White's childhood

Burton Logo

Shaun white has been in the Olympics 3 times. Shaun’s main event is the men’s half pipe. In 2006 Shaun entered the Winter Olympics for the first time, he won gold. In 2010 Shaun entered his second Olympics in Vancouver. In Vancouver, Shaun won gold once again. In 2014, Shaun entered again in Sochi Russia. Only this time, Shaun came in fourth due to mistakes. Shaun white was the first athlete to enter Summer (Skateboarding) and Winter (Snowboarding) Olympics for two different sports.

Shaun White's Olympic Records

Shaun's Xgame Records

The Winter Xgames is a series of different sports every year set up by the U.S sports broadcaster ESPN. The Xgames focus on extreme sports and players compete to win medals (gold, silver, and bronze). The Xgames in 2002 was the first time that the Xgames were live on T.V. which in fact was the first year that Shaun started in the Xgames. Shaun has been participating in Winter Xgames since 2002.Shaun has received a total of 18 medals in the Xgames. He has 13gold, 3silver, and 2bronze medals from the Xgames.

A snowboarder soaring threw the air at the Winter X-Games.

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White wins gold at Winter Olympics in Vancouver 2010.

Click to watch some CRAZY street snowboarding.


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