[2015] Sutharseehan Navajeevayokan: Shattered

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[2015] Sutharseehan Navajeevayokan: Shattered

ShatteredBy: Eric Walters

Reading Strategies


"All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing" (Walters 159) This quotes indicates the deeper message that occurrance of genocides are due to the absence of taking action towards peace.

Shattered covers multiple themes throughout the text making it a very enticing book to read by developing the readers knowledge about today's society. This book covers these 6 themes:1. Homelessness2. Genocide3. Inequality4. Mental Illness5. Violence6. Racism

"The million people [that died during the genocide], we don't know them so we don't care about what happened to them." (Walters 131)This quote signifies inequality by showing the deeper meaning that in today's society people tend to only show acknowledment towards conflicts that affect their life, demonstrating inequality as a world.

"[The Rwanda] genocide was an act of complete and utter racism" (Walters 159)This quote talks about the event in which the United Nations, an organization that promotes international co-operation had decided to leave the "black" people of Rwanda to do whatever they want and that they should not be involved. Thus, seperating the blacks between the whites, the Rwanda genocide was an act of racism.

Ian - The child who volunteers at a soup kitchen (Main Character)Jacques - A soldier in the Canadian Armed ForcesBerta - Survivor of the Guatemala genocide (also Ian's servant)Mac - Owner and operator of the soup kitchenJacob - Survivor of the Rwandan genocideEduardo - Helped citizens migrate from the genocide in Guatemala


The novel "Shattered" written by Eric Walters is about a 15 year old boy named Ian who must volunteer in order to recieve his 40 community service hours, in which he decides to volunteer at a soup kitchen for the homeless. During his time spent at the kitchen, he meets a former military officer who had served as a peacekeeper during the Rwandan genocide, and develops new insights about this mass killing. As Sarge, a homesless man, undergoes a mental illness, Ian helps him recover after acknowledging what had taken place in Rwanda, which changed his view of the world.


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