[2015] Ria Srivastava: Shasta Tribe

by mitkoff
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Social Studies

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[2015] Ria Srivastava: Shasta Tribe

ClothingDeerskin was the main skin used to make clothing. For robes, aprons, leggings, and caps, deer and bear were used. Women wore knee length aprons, and men wore longer ones. Clothing was garnished with beads and quills.

Artifacts, Crafts, and ToolsThe Shasta tribe made canoes out of sugarpine logs. Scapers were made of elkhorn and bore. Wooden spoons were made of scrapers. For fishing, they usednets, baskets, traps, spaers and hook and line

Pacific Northwestern TribesBella CoolaQueetsShasta Nootka

Shasta Tribe

Location and EnvironmentThe Shasta tribe lived in Northern California and the Oregon Border. There were based in Siskiyou County. It was a land of forests, creeks, and greenery.

HomesThe Shasta tribe lived in rectangular shaped houses. They made them of cedar planks, dirt, and bark. The center of their homes had pits for fire to keep warm.



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