Shark Attack

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Shark Attack

Shark attacks on humans are very rare. For example, you have a better chance of being killed by a dog, pig, or crocodile than a shark. If you swim in Australia, then your chances of of getting attacked increase. Shark attacks are so rare that you have a better chance of winning American Idol, being struck by lightning, being killed by a deer, or being injured by a tornado than being attacked by a shark. It is safe to say that your chances of being bitten by a shark are very low!

What are my chances of being attacked by a shark?

There are four reasons why sharks attack. The first reason is called provoked with touching. That means touching, grabbing, or trying to ride a shark. The second reason is called provoked without touching. That could mean feeding or getting to close to a shark. Reason 3 is making distress noises or movements. That means something has gone wrong and you are splashing around and making noises because there is an emergency. The rarest reason is called unprovoked. This means that you did nothing wrong and the shark thought that you were prey. This could be because you were swimming with shiny jewelry or with an open, bleeding wound. Humans are not a food that sharks like to eat, and no matter the reason, most shark attacks are usually not fatal.

A shark is a petthat you don't want to get.There is nothing less fun than a shark.He doesn't have fur.He won't cuddle or purr,and he never takes walks in the park.Instead he just staresand intensely prepares,as he circles and waits in the dark,to nibble your noseand your fingers and toes,for his bite is much worse than his bark.--Kenn Nesbitt

Shark Attack!

Why do sharks attack?

The children's book I Survived: The Shark Attacks of 1916 contains a true story that the writers used as the inspiration for the movie JAWS.

Here are some helpful hints to avoid becoming shark bait! First, never stretch out and look like a seal when you float on a boogie board. Another hint is don't ever touch or try to feed a shark. Also, don't splash around and make a lot of noise because sharks can sense an emergency. Finally, don't swim at night because that is when they feed. These helpful hints will keep you safe when you swim in the ocean.

How can I avoid a shark attack?



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