[2015] BLT Ma (3rd Earth Science 2015): Shark

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[2015] BLT Ma (3rd Earth Science 2015): Shark

Sharks have a tail which is used for propulsion, and if certain sharks, like the great white, stop moving, they'll die. Sharks like the great white also go into a coma-like state when flipped over. Sharks are actually relaed to rays, and both their jaws are not actually attached to their heads. Sharks are made of cartilage, the same substance your ears and nose are made of. The only non-cartilage parts of a shark are it's internal organs and their teeth. Teeth can range from flat teeth for crushing, and serrated teeth for slicing. Teeth replacement moves in a conveyor belt, meaning that new teeth move in right when old teeth fall out. A shark loses an average of 30,000 teeth during it's lifetime. Sharks have an incredibly keen sense of smell, with some species being able to detect one drop of blood in the ocean.

Sharks hunt in different ways. Some examples include the basking shark, which opens its gian mouth and swallows in krill and plankton, and the ancient megalodon, which is known to prey on masive whales by biting off it's way of propulsion, the tail. Some strange sharks living in the darker parts of the ocean hunt in different ways that humans might not know about yet.

How Sharks Hunt


Sharks evolved throughout 480 million years. The first shark, stethacanthus was highly underdeveloped, with a unique dorsal fin. Sharks have evolved over time and began developing features to help them adapt and survive in the wild. Some of the sharks today have survived for millions of years, while others are descendants from ancient sharks.



Shark Features

Fun Fact: The megalodon had the strongest bite force in the world!

Fun Fact: The scapanorhynchus isrelated to the goblin shark, meaning the goblin shark is part of a family of sharks that existed since the Creatceous period.

Fun Fact: This shark was the only shark to prey on dinosaurs!

These videos show how a bull shark feeds and information on sharks.








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