[2015] juan javalera (Hodgeson): Shark

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[2015] juan javalera (Hodgeson): Shark

Shark AnatomyThere are more than 300 different species of shark in the ocean but they all share the same basic anatomy. Anatomy shark characteristics have made them ruthless predators.



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SharkTailsImages of the most common tyes of shark tails.Tails are impotant part of shark anatomy which help them to achive fast swimming speeds.

Shark EvolutionShark have been on earth for alomosh 450 million years,altough modern shark have evolution fot 100 million years.

Shark socialstructureShark are loners and there is on other social structure than survival for the fittest. Ever pups have to take care of themselves as soon as they are born.

SharkcommunicationShark engage in different forms of communication. Although shark are loners, they have the intellgence to communication.

SharkReproductionThere has't been much research conducted in regards to shark reproduction but a great deal is know about the process.The conception generally takes place private in the water.

Shark sensesShark depend on their senses to help them survive in their natural habitat. Therefore,most of the shark senses are highly developed and efficient.

What do sharkeat?Many people ask what do shark eat and the anwer itgreatly depend of the specias of shark and the habitat where it is inhabitating.

SharkDistribution Many people belive that sharks only live in the oceans.However,they are distribution in bodies of water found all over the would.

SharkHabitat Shark have very few natural perdators which allow them of freely move to new habitat when food is scarce. They are loners for most part of their lives so they don't travel together.


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