Sharia Law

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Sharia Law

The historical orgin of Sharia law is in the revelation that the Muslims believe. Muslims believe that it was given to the prophet Muhammad by God through the vehicle of the archangel Gabriel in the last decades before the Prophet’s death in 632 CE. This divine revelation was later recorded in a text known as the Quran (the holy book of Islam).

Who does this Law Harm?

Sharia Law is know as the law of Islam. As a legal system, Islam's Sharia law covers a wide range of subjects. The stipulations of the Sharia law, however, are unlike any other legal system in the world

Sharia Law harms many people. Some parts of Sharia Law harms women, because it gives their husbands or males the right to be and abuse them if needed. The law can also harm inocent bystanders. Anybody could be in the wrong place at the wrong time, so if you happen to be in a Sharia Law practice place you could be sentenced to death if you don't believe or don't want to believe anymore. One example is if you are a woman and have been raped you will be punished by death if 4 men don't testify for you.

Who does it Benefit?

Sharia Law Benefits Muslim governments. It also benefits the believers of Sharia Law, because if they follow it they are closer to being with Allah.



Sharia Law


What is Sharia Law?

My Opinion

Modern Sharia Law

I believe that Sharia Law is a very harmul law.It can be dangerous for many reasons. First people can be murdered just because they don'tbelieve a certain way or because they don't want to anymore. You can also get hurt, because of thingsthat you can't even control. Women are not treated fairly, they can't get a divorce even if they are getting beaten or abused. Men actually have theright to beat the woman if she does wrong againist him.

In Modern Sharia Law not many things have changed. It is now harder to enforce the law due to governments and orginazations like the United Nations.


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