Sharia Law

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Sharia Law

Benefits of the Law

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History of the Sharia Law

Sharia Law


The Sharia Law is the law of the Islams. It comes from the Quran, and covers many subjects and legal rights.

What it is

Before Islam, there were nomadic tribes in the Arabian peninsula. They didn't have any rules, so they argued and fought alot. Muhammad introduced Islam, and it demanded that people obeyed God and his laws. During that time, nobody a detailed written law code, but Muhammad helped clarify it. They used this as the Islam (Sharia) Law. After Muhammad's death, caliphs continued to change or add on to the Sharia Law on their decisions. During the Abbasids' rule, was when the Sharia Law reached full development.

I don't really have much of an opinion about the Sharia Law. Any law is a law.

Any law is a law. It is used to help and keep everyone safe. Without rules, chaos will strike and many people would die.

Some examples include stoning, women wearing burkas, and preventing the drinking of alchohol.


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