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Social Studies
American History

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1) Sharecropping is a system of farm tenancy one common in the U.S.A. The land owner would allow the tenant to use some land in return of share the crops produced in land.2) Before the Civil War was over, on Jan. 1, 1864 President Lincon signed the Emancipation Proclomation which ended the practice of slavery. White farmers needed workers for their land and they needed a way to keep slaves working without having to pay them in cash. So they came up with a way to keep their slaves... Sharecropping. Sharecropping started because the plantation owners had lost their guaranteed work force, the African American slaves.3) Sharecropping effected African American families in many ways. Sharecropping locked African American families into certain forms of "slavery". Sharecropping didn't give former slaves the freedom they deserved. It locked the families into debt that some could never pay off forcing them to stay at the farms. Sharecropping also didn't give former slaves the chance to own their own land, and it didn't allow most black families to have basic human rights.

3 Questions

1) What was sharecropping/tenant farming?2) When and why did sharecropping start?3) How did sharecropping affect African American falilies?


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