"Share Tables" in Elementary Schools

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"Share Tables" in Elementary Schools

Elementary Schools Introducing "Share Tables" to Battle Child Hunger and Reduce Food Waste

Government Approved!


Discussion Questions1. What are some of the potential positive outcomes we could see in our school community from the implementation of "share tables"?2. Are there any obstacles that could be faced when implementing a share table in your school?3. How could we expand on this idea to benefit even more members of the community?

What are "Share Tables"?Share tables are popping up in elementary schools all around the nation as a means of reducing waste and fighting against child hunger. These tables provide an alternative place for students to place unwanted, unopened or unpeeled food, rather than throwing it away into the garbage can. Since Rock Hill Elementary School in Wallingford, Connecticut, started their own share table in February, they've donated 5,000 pounds of food to a local pantry, and that doesn't even include the snacks redistributed on campus.

ActivityThis article lends itself to be a good opportunity for a service learning project if the time and resources were available. If not, however, i would have my students work in groups or individual to brainstorm what it would take in order to implement a share table at our own school. They would list all of the logistics, such as supplies, who to contact for permission, and where the food would be donated. This would be a good incorporation of both economics, sustainability, and service learning.

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture oversees the federal lunch program. This government group endorsed "share tables" as an "innovative strategy" that food service directors should consider.

Examples of "Share Tables"

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