[2016] Yarely Zamora (7th LA Core 4 15-16, Default class): Share Cropping

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[2016] Yarely Zamora (7th LA Core 4 15-16, Default class): Share Cropping

How or Why did it Start? After the civil war had pass sharecropping became a thing beceause most farmers had crops and didnt have that much money so then sharecropping became a thing and then in the 1940s no one was sharecropping becuse people had made mashines for the sharecropping.

Fact:Acording to american-historama.org The sharecroppers had to sign a contract to agree to the terms of the landlord. The uneducated sharecroppers were often unable to read the contracts, which often included clauses in which the tenant farmers agreed to pay exorbitant interest rates - some of which were as high as 70%

what is sharecropping?sharecropping was the system of agriculture institute the American South in the period of Reconstruction after the civil war.


In this picture it showing a little girl that is sharecropping becuase even littlechildren were sharecroppers

In this picture it show kids that also weresharecroppers. Plus Kids had to walk 1-2 hours to get to school and the ones thatdid not go to school had to help thier parents on the sharecropping.

similarities and differences that existed between sharecropping and slavery.the differences between them was that sharecroppers were free and slaves weren't. the other difference between them was that slaves were forced to work and they did notget paid and they were being treated with violence. Some similarities that they had were that even sharecroppers were treated like slaves by the landowners, and both slaves and sharecroppers had to work on fields

Website http://www.history.com/topics/black-history/sharecropping

What types of fields did sharecroppers crop on?Acording to histclo.com The principal crop continued to be cotton. A variety of crops were grown, but cotton was generally the real money crop. The same methods continued to be used, labor intensive agriculture. Unlike other major crops, few technical innovations developoed in cotton agriculture. As lsate as the 1930s, cotton farming except for the disappearance of the plantations was little different thsan in ante-bellum era.

Website http://histclo.com/essay/war/cwa/recon/rec-share.html


These are the placeswere sharecroppingwas happeningand you can tell that ithappen more in the southeastern, which is alsothe places were there was slavery.


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