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Sharayah Hammond


I have two amazing step-children. Hannah is 8 and Michael is 7. I also have a son that I adore named Harrison. He is a year old and constant entertainment!

My husband and I have been married since 2012. Bill is a senior at UCO majoring in Biology.

Harrison just after he learned to walk!

I'm taking this course because it's required. I have actually dropped it once (or twice) before because of my fear of public speaking.

My favorite superhero is Batman! Even without super powers, he is awesome.

In my freetime, I enjoy photography, singing, crafting, spending time with my family, weekend adventures, and laughing with my husband.

We love animals at our house! We have two dogs, one cat, a hedgehog, and a saltwater fish tank.

I'm a 29 year old wife and mom coming back to college (again) to get a degree in psychology. My goal is to become a counselor and help people suffering from mental illnesses.


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