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Shannon Lipp!!!!!

I was born in 1721 in Majorca, Spain, and lived for 61 years. Then I passed away in 1782 at Mission San Borromeo.


Juan CrespÌ explored from 1769 to 1774. He explored with a man named Lt. Pedro Fages to the east side of the San Francisco Bay. Together, they traveled up the Sacramento River by land, and saw the Central Valley. In 1774, Crespì made a trip to Alaska on a ship captained by Juan Perez. Then he went to New Spain with Junipero Serra.

Crespì worked at Mission San Borromeo for 12 years, and then died there in 1782.

Crespì explored to San Diego to Monterey and around San Francisco Bay to help missions. Then he wrote diaries for people in the future and they got published in 1927.

Crespì's map of places he went

By Shannon Lipp #26

Juan Crespi explored for Spain, his home country.

Juan Crespì grew up as a child in Majorca, Spain.

As a young man, Juan Crespì joined a group of people called Franciscans, a Roman Catholic order founded by St. Francis of Assis.Then he attended the Lullian University at Palma, where Junìpero Serra was his philosophy teacher.

Mission San Borromeo

San Francisco Bay

Juan Crespì explored by land, except for the time he went to Alaska on a ship captained by Juan Perez.

The Spanish flag

My Personal OpinionI think that Juan Crespi was an amazing and very talented man. His goal was to write diaries for people in the future, and I think he did a very good job reaching his goal.

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