Shang Dynasty

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Shang Dynasty

- The Shang Government was a monarchy.- The king was both lawmaker and a judge-The shang goverment ruled by force- The king would rule 200 to 300 clans that resided within his territory.- Nobles kept watch over smaller regions withing the territory.

The Four Social ClassesKing and AristocracyMilitaryArtisians and Craftsmenand the Peasants

The Shang Dynasty

From1556-1046 B.C.E

The last king Shang Chou, was one of the worst kings and he was known for his methods of torture.

People did hunt

Major sources of food were farming of wheat, rice, barley crops, and millet.

People lived in rows of rectangular houses that were in rows and they were built of wood


The Shang workers were skilled in bone, jade, ceramics, stone, wood, shells, and bronze.

Almost all of the artwork was given to the king as taxes or was used in religious ceremonies

Developed a form of writing

Social Classes

Domesticated animals such as:pigs, dogs, sheep, oxen, and silk worms

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The Shang were able to develop complex forms of irrigation and flood control

The Shang were Polythiestic when it came to religion




Worshiped ancestors


commoners had specialiazed jobs which gave more opportunities forpeople to get different things.

The Shang peasants would trade most of what they had for food and other things.

One of the main gods they worshipped was Shangdi he was a great god that controlled human destiny and the forces of nature

They had a complex system of trade.

Click on me to see a video of some of the bronze work from the Shang

They also worshiped the gods of wind, clouds, sun and moon.

Carved jade was really valuable because jade is extremely hard

In the center of the city there was either a big palace or a temple.

Aristocracy were the most respected and governed smaller areas of the dynasty

The peasants were mostly farmers

Oracle bones were used to predict the future



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