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Shakira at the UNICEF ambassador meeting.

Shakira, Gerard and Milan.

SHAKIRA- Kiyanah

Shakira sings, dances and is model but under all of that she is something that people look up to

HER LIFE Shakira Isobel Mebarak Ripoll was born on Februray 2, 1977 by her mother Nidia del Carmen Ripoll Torrado and her father William Mebarak Chad in Barranquilla, Columbia born into a poor family. Shakira has 8 siblings, her brothers are Tonino Mebarak, Edward Mebarak, Antonio Mebarak, Alberto Mebarak, Moises Mebarak and Robin Mebarak. Shakiras sisters are Lucy Mebarak and Patricia Mebarak. in 2010, Shakira met her boyfriend Gerard Pique and they have been dating for the past 4 years. Then in January 2013 Shakira and Gerard Pique had their first bundle of joy Milan Pique Mebarak and now Shakira and Gerard have confirmed that baby no.2 is on the way.

MUSIC CAREERShakiras mother was a native Colobian and her father was of Lebanese descent , and so as a child Shakira soaked up music from both cultures. Shakira wrote her first song at age 8, and began entering and winning talent competitions at age 10 and started learning the guitar at age 11. In 1990, at age 13, Shakira moved to Bogota in hopes of pursuing a modeling career, but ended up signing a record deal with Sony's Colombian division instead. As Shakira is starting to build her career she signed Emilio Estefan (a highly successful music-biz insider) as her manager and producer.

Shakira also did the ALS ice bucket challange with her husband Gearad Pique.

UNICEF On October 24, 2003 Shakira was nominated to be the goodwill ambassador of UNICEF. Shakira has increased awareness of UNICEF in areas like HIV/AIDS, education and child protection, she has expanded chid advocacy efforts on a global level to support people without food or homes.

PIES DESCALOZOS FOUNDATIONThe Pies Descalozos Foundation also known as The Barefoot Foundation is a foundation that Shakira made for displaced and underprivileged children in her native Columbia country. Shakira gives the children quality education and ensures them with safe and well learning facility's. The Pies Descalozos Foundation supplies nutritious meals, education,art, music, recreation and opportunities for families.

CELEBRITY OR HERO? Shakira is a well talented artist but she is also a very hard worker. A lot of people look up to her because of what she does for the world. Shakira is also a role model because she does a lot of incredible things that older and younger people look up to. If I had to chose wether or not Shakira is a celebrity or hero I would pick hero because Shakira is amazing person, a dedicated person to the children and a great hero!


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