Shakespeare's Career and History

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Shakespeare's Career and History

Queen Elizabeth's Death

Shakespeare's Career and History

Parts of both William Shakespeare's personal life and his life as a playwriter

Shakespeare's History


Plays Successful

• Play registered "As You Like It" with the Stationer's Company, not published to prevent copies that were unauthorized• Global theater built in 1599

• Recorded the play "Richard II", 1601• Printed classic "Hamlet" in 1602

• Prior to Christmas in 1604, Shakespeare performed "Measure for Measure" in front of King james I on the stage in front of the court• He wrote "sugar sonnets" and had them published somewhere in 1609

• Queen Elizabeth was a huge supporter of acting and plays, especially Shakespeare's

• Full Name: William Shakespeare• Born April 26, 1564• Plays were successful, but not protected• Other versions of his plays were made, since copyright didn't exist• Stage was known as "The Globe" or "Shakespeare's Globe"• Wrote both comedies and tragedies


Creation of "Julius Caesar"




Measure for Measure

• Died, April 23, 1616; buried April 25 1616, in the chancel of Holy Trinity Church in Stratford, renowned for how he shaped the history of theater with his methods of writing, genius work, and an influence strong enough to make his competition base their work and even copy their work from Shakespeare's own, leaving an unforgettable mark on theatrical history with plays and works such as Hamlet or Julius Caesar


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